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Moving into our out of the storage unit is definitely not something that you would like to do without the help of professional movers. Maybe it seems easy, but there is a lot of heavy lifting, packing, and planning. Moving and storage companies will have a perfect plan based on your specific move. Our moving and storage services contain the most professional and dedicated movers and packers. We will make sure that everything is ready for long or short term storage. If you are moving within Seattle, give us a call !

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If you are wondering what the storage moving process looks like, we will help you out

Looking for affordable moving and storage, you will hear and see a lot of different prices, quotes and services.

The first step is always to shop around and see what type of service would be suitable for you. Luckily, we are one of moving and storage companies that can meet almost every request.

This is how the process looks like if you decide to go with our company:

Getting a free moving quote is the first step

You will contact us, receive more details regarding our moving and storage services and we will provide you with an absolutely free moving quote. We charge by the hour and our prices are all inclusive with no hidden fees. This is preventing all unexpected surprises on the day of the move, since you will be familiar with everything before the move even beggins. If you are looking for affordable moving and storage, contact us right now and hear more about our prices.

We are making a plan for your affordable moving and storage services

After we went through all of the details, your job here is done. We are taking over all of the organization and making sure that you receive the most quality and professional moving and storage services. We will prepare our quality packing materials, moving equipment and inform the movers about any special requests. Everything will be ready for your moving day.

On the moving day our punctual movers will call you at least 30 minutes prior to the arrival

As soon as they arrive, the entire crew will perform a walk-through and provide you with an onsite estimate on how long the move will take. Afterwards, you will sign the agreement and we can begin with our moving magic. Unlike some moving and storage companies, we wrap all your furniture in blankets and shrink wrap them before ever leaving your home. If everything is already packed in the storage, we will double protect the items that need more protection. Once we have safely, securely, and quickly loaded all of your belongings onto our truck, we will do another walk through to make sure nothing was missed or left behind.

Plants, cardboard boxes and outer household items

Packing and preparing your items for storing is something that our movers are specially trained for

We always give our best efforts to deliver the best, top quality-oriented services. Offering packing and moving services we will listen to requests from our customers by offering them a wide variety of packaging and moving services.

As a part of our standard moving and storage service we will pack your personal items in the quality packaging materials such as plastic wrap, blankets, packing boxes etc.

We’ve established a great connection with our customers on our moving and storage services who always remember us whenever they need professional and efficient moving services!

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Give us a call right away ! Our representatives are available 7 days a week and they have all of your questions answered. This is how everything starts - with one phone call. It is that easy!

Not only will we be available for you before the move, our relocation specialists are going to provide you support during the move and will be there if you have any concerns after the move.

Find out more by giving us a call and let us show you why we are the best local movers in Seattle.