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If you are someone who doesn’t like to waste their time on something that professionals can do faster, house packing services are something that will be perfect for you. You may be surprised to find that professional packing services can be affordable, depending on how you use them. For instance, you will decide what service you want. As a part of our professional packing services you can choose what type of service is suitable for you. You need a full house worth of packing or you need the packing of miscellaneous items, our packers can do it all! Read more about our services below and contact us to receive your free packing and moving quote.

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Our packing services are different and unique - we are fully committed to you and your needs

How are we different from other packing and moving companies ?

For starters, we are lucky to have the greatest feedback from our customers and we improve thanks to their online reviews and support.

Aside from that we have several things that differs our packing services from others in Seattle. For example:

Experienced and reliable movers and packers that will make your move a pleasant and easy experience

Packing is a process that takes a lot of time and packing a whole house can be stressful and exhausting. In addition, when you are packing by yourself, there is a possibility that you will get yourself in a position of wondering how something should be packed in order to avoid damages. Luckily for you, our movers are experienced and trained for packing everything - from bigger items to smaller, more fragile ones. They will do everything with special care, making sure that you receive the best packing services in Seattle.

Quality of our packing materials

Before even hiring any of Seattle packing and moving companies, you would need to inquire about the packing materials they are using. Quality and professional packing services rely the most on the quality of the materials that are used. A professional team of packers and movers will use materials like plastic wraps, crates, good quality moving blankets, tapes, etc. For example, at Seattle Moving Services our packers will wrap up everything with specialized moving blankets, and plastic wrap. Also, hanging clothes will be placed in wardrobe boxes, You can be sure everything will be packed properly.

Additional protection for more fragile items

As mentioned, our profession packing services are different from other packing and moving companies, since we provide a speciaal dedication and pack everything with special care. Our packers know how to efficiently pack everything in a safe way, since they understand that you would need the move done in a timely manner. In addition, good packing and moving companies will always offer an option for insurance. As a licensed moving company, basic coverage insurance is included in our serive, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your stuff.

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If packing services is not the only thing you need, we also have professional and dedicated movers

We are really proud of our efficiency, professionalism and the knowledge our movers possess.

We will send you the most friendly and dedicated movers and packers that will provide professional packing services in addition to planning and moving everything. Our goal is to take all the worry out of moving to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

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